WAR_expand.gif Παρακαλούμε βοηθήστε στην επέκταση του άρθρου.

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες θα βρείτε στη σελίδα συζήτησης.
Όλα τα άρθρα που χρειάζονται επέκταση θα τα βρείτε εδώ.


The Cutpurse - loot 10 items

The Pirate - loot 100 items

The Hoarder - loot 1,000 items

The Pawner - earn 1 gold

The Loaded - earn 50 gold

The Wise - 10 tome unlocks

The Adventurer - 50 tome unlocks

The Never-Rester - 100 tome unlocks

The Overachiever - 250 tome unlocks

The Omniscient - 500 tome unlocks

The Friendly - add 5 people to your friends list

The Conscript - join 10 groups

Ow My Eye - clicked self 100 times

The Vain - clicked self 5,000 times

The Talker - use the tell command 50 times

The Peon - gain 1,000 Influence

The Influential - gain 10,000 Influence

The Prominent - gain 100,000 Influence

Snuffed - die 10 times

Victim - die 100 times

The Green - die 10 times in RvR

Meat Shield - die 100 times in RvR

The Lucky - kill 10 players in RvR

The Mauler - kill 100 players in RvR

Spark Snuffer - kill 10 players that are more than twice your Renown Rank

Run Away! - died 10 times to monsters

The Bait - Died 100 times from a monster

The Wasteful - destroy 10 items

The Garbage Disposal - destroy 100 items

The Lint Looter - scavenge 50 corpses

The Body Searcher - Scavenged 1,000 corpses

The Skinner - Butcher 50 corpses


The Impure - kill Keltherian Darklust, interact with Book of Innocence; around 240, 40650, west of Fortress of Korhandrid (west of Goldmead, DE Chap 9 hub), in the hills near the very edge of the map, in Ellyrion.


Foe of the Cannibal - unlocked by talking to a sickly man outside a cave in Marshes of Madness, I think southwest of Oathhold

The Intractable: Kill any Cold One in the pit around 14323, 14564 (I think, it's the area between Rock of Galirian and Serynal), in the Shadowlands.


Echo Hunter - kill a Neborhest Bat in Marshes of Madness. They can be found south of Oathhold and in the marsh south of Thurarikson's Warcamp.

The Huntsman - walk through the mob of pigs around the Public Quest Pillage and Plunder (51613,63055), in Norsca. (possibly Destruction only)

The Scout - Examine Unfortunate Victim at 37683, 34796, in Nordland.



Once Bitten, Twice Shy - talk to Kormina Falinsodtr at the Pick and Goggles tavern in the Dwarf starting zone.

The Dawnbringer - interact with the Vampire Effigy next to the mountainside near the Plaguesworn Cultists southeast of the Neborhest's Vanguard PQ in Marshes of Madness

The Lumberjack - interact with the corpse of a Tree-kin in the are around Dark Elf Chapter 7 (on the way to the NPCs for the last part of Heads Will Roll!, above the Gate at the very south of Shadowlands)

The Peculiar - throw a rock on the head of the sleeping Snotling in the woods just outside and east of Tor Aendris, in The Blighted Isle

Skaven Splitter - interact with the Man Trap in Warpclaw Hideout, a cave near the SW corner, in The Badlands.

Scorp Squisher - kill Baneclaw, a Champion scorpion, at approximately 6400, 62500 (SW corner of the beach), in Chrace.

The Skeleton Hunter - interact with the Marked Grave in the graveyard west of Grimmenhagen Village, in Nordland.

The Spider Slayer - kill a Dark Hollowfang at the Suskarg Cave in Stormblighthollow, in Troll Country (around 2400, 35219).

The Fearless - walk inside Amund's Barrow close to at roughly 48572,44251, in Norsca (possibly Destruction only).


The Grounded - trigger unknown

Scourge of the Asur - kill 100 High Elves (possibly Dark Elf only)

Favored of Malekith - kill 1,000 High Elves (possibly Dark Elf only)

The Crusher - kill an Ogre Bull (clarification needed: which one, where is he?)

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